Cutting Edge Uses for Domain Names

Cutting Edge Uses for Domain Names

Domain names are, in many ways, the rocks of the Internet. Web technologies come and go in the blink of an eye. Even entire protocols or file formats can go the way of the dodo pretty quickly. However, domain names have been around since the start of the Web. In fact, one might even argue that the Web as such didnt really exist until domain names were a reality. An an ever changing tech world, the domain name has remained chiseled in stone. So it might seem like theres not much to look into when considering cutting edge technology. However, theres actually quite a bit of action centering around domain names these days.

One of the more interesting is how domain names are often traded like playing cardsand if you have an amazing domain name then use this awesome free website builder from dynadot. Domain names used to be something that one clung to with a fairly tight grip. One purchased a domain name, domainsand then configured everything about it. These days its becoming increasingly common for all that configuration to happen in the background. This is mostly due to the rise of Web based applications. Webapps are about as complex as one can imagine when it comes to code. But ideally, those same webapps are fairly easy to use on the frontend. The actual installation and configuration has often centered in a middle ground between those two extremes.

These days, its becoming quite easy to set up personal apps on ones own domain. The installation procedure hasnt become any easier. Whats allowed the additional ease of use is the fact that people are more comfortable in simply allowing others to set up their domain settings. In fact, some of the biggest names in Web based apps have begun selling domain names in order to make the process even easier. One simply buys a domain through those vendors, and they set up and install everything for the customer.

Another newer use for domain names has come in the form of personal landing pages. Theres a huge variety of different social media sites out there these days. Theres enough, in fact, that it can be rather difficult for any one person to follow another. One would almost need to start handing out printouts with a huge list of URLs and user names in order to al1-4-copylow one to do so. Some people have begun registering easy to remember personalized domain names, printing them on business cards, and then handing them out to people. The URL then points to a landing page which contains widgets to display most of a persons social media interactions. This can range from brief text messages all the way to photo galleries.

In a similar way, some people have begun to use their domain name as a private link to a personalized start page. There was a time when a lot of the larger search providers allowed users to create something similar. One could drag and drop widgets around to create a personal start page. However, for various reasons this has faded away. A lot of users have decided to take things into their own hands in order to recreate the experience. Theres a variety of programs out there to recreate the effect. And people can then simply type their domain name into a browser and have it point right to a site that lives locally within their own computer.

Lastly, some file sharing services now allow one to customize the experience by using a domain name. Normally, these services create links to uploaded files which consist of a byzantine mix of letters and numbers. Some now allow one to link their own domain name to their account. This will then allow the users uploads to have easy to use URLs which use their domain name.